Jr. Fire Fighter Costume for Kids-TAN


We have 18 month and 2/3 instock 

Embroidery is not available this month. We enjoy the opportunity to celebrate this great career of ours with you and your kids. We especially love all the Make-a-Wish Kids and special kids who have touched the hearts of firefighters.

In the meantime if you need a set of gear, check out these guys. They too are firefighters. http://www.juniorfirefighterpromotions.com

Check back with us September 1, 2017

Please take the time to read the information below at it might answer most of your questions. Then scroll down to the bottom to see the size chart.

Why buy your gear from us? Our business is owned and operated by union fire fighters with 36 years of service, we know the job and we know your gear! We love creating copies of real fire fighters gear for your special child....

*The gear we use is made of 95% cotton, 5% polysester. The tan is more of a tan brown color. It will not match all colors of gear. The fabric is simular weight, or heavier, to a pair of mens khaki pants. They are washable/dryable, turn them insideout to wash in cold water and hang your gear to dry. This is what they are NOT: not made of Nomex, not flame resistant and not waterproof. They are single layered with no lining. These are kids costumes.
These set are taylored after the modern fire gear worn by most fire departments in the USA and Canada. The fronts have a zipper and velcro. 

Our Gear comes as a full set: Coat, Pants and helmet. You choose your helmet 

Kids Fire Fighter Firefighter Costume black and tan personalized
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